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Practice for Dentistry
Dr. Yasmin Awwad
Tel.: 030/ 211 62 00

Clinic for Dental,
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (Dental Clinic South)
Charité Centrum 3
Aßmannshauser Str. 4-6
14197 Berlin Wilmersdorf
Phone: 030/45 06 62 613
open 20:00 to 1:00
additionally on Fridays, Saturdays and on days with subsequent

holidays 20:00 to 3:00
Here's which practice is open on weekends and holidays
Hotline: 030 / 89004-333
Emergency plan of the KZV -Berlin


If you have a dental emergency, then first of all stay calm!
If you need (outside of our office hours) urgent dental assistance, we recommend the Emergency Dental Clinic  South.
For your initial measures we have put together a few tips. Please call us immediately, you will be treated as soon as possible!


Dental accident

Injured teeth can often be saved:
1. Keep calm.
2. Stop strong bleeding by biting on a piece of napkin or handkerchief
3. ...

Notfall Abgebrochener Zahn
Emergency Chipped tooth

Tooth broke:
Find chipped piece, do not clean it!!

Notfall Abgebrochener Zahn
Emergency Chipped tooth

Loose tooth:
Do nothing, close mouth, gently clench jaws together

Notfall Abgebrochener Zahn
Emergency Chipped tooth

Knocked out tooth:
Find chipped piece, not clean and do not touch the root, use rescue box (available at the pharmacy), if not available: Insert in cold milk, if not possible, then place in water or keep in the mouth

4. As soon as possible visit the dentist.


What kind of pain do you feel? Knocking, strong pulling, rather during biting, night intensified, sometimes with swelling?
Cool carefully with breaks. Consult the pharmacists for advice and take a non-prescription pain reliever. Call us, you will receive an appointment.

Hot / cold pain:

Usually indicates that the sensitive nerve of one or more teeth was irritated. A toothpaste with desensitizing agents for sensitive teeth or a fluoride gel can help. When the pain occurs after a few days after, for example, the inclusion of new crowns, inlays and bridges, then please go see the dentist. Please make an appointment by phone.

Lost filling:

 ... usually after eating chewy, gummies or hard nuts. Stop chewing hard food, such as cereals, nuts, popcorn e.g... so that the enamel is not further broken. Instead try lukewarm soft food and drinks. Brushing is allowed and helpful. Arrange an appointment as soon as possible in our practice.

A temporary crown or filling has fallen out:

... that can happen. Temporaries are glued with a rubber-like adhesive - in order to remove them later very gently again. Temporaries protect your teeth until the onset of crowns, inlays or bridges from the dental laboratory. First reattach the temporary with mild toothpaste. Come to the practice, we will help you quickly. Please make an appointment by phone.

Bleeding (after surgery or tooth extraction):

After a tooth extraction or other surgical procedures bleeding occurs occasionally. Slight bleeding or a blood flavor for 1-2 days are normal. If, after removing the swab  a severe bleeding occurs, you should put pressure on the wound for at least 60 minutes. Use a piece of gauze from a field dressing or a clean handkerchief or dishcloth. Put it on the wound and bite it or press on it. Do not rinse! This can cause re-bleeding. Do not lie flat, sitting half raised is better. Avoid anything that might increase blood pressure: excitement, smoking, coffee or tea, cola, alcohol, physical exertion. Cool cautiously - no direct skin contact with the coolant and take breaks. If heavy bleeding after 2-3 hours does not stop or if it should swell excessively, if you have a high fever, are severely affected (about 38.5 degrees) in your general condition or troubled and insecure .: Please call us!

Bleeding gums:

Bleeding of the gums because of food debris between teeth is helped best by flossing. etc. For tough fibers from meat e.g. a knot in the floss can help. Regular bleeding gums indicate gingivitis. Let us clarify the dental cause.. Please make an appointment in our practice.

Prosthetic fracture:

If your denture has broken or  a tooth has been dislocated or the like, please do not stick it back with glue yourself! Call our practice, we can schedule to have your replacement repaired in our dental technology on the same day.